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15 Jul, 2024 In the matter of Rajan Garg Vs Chief Executive Officer & Ors. [Special Leave to Appeal (C) No.13640/2024]   Others
11 Jul, 2024 In the matter of Amit Ahirrao Vs Anagha Anasingaraju [Civil Appeal No. 4697/2023]   Closure-12a / Appeal/ Review Or Settlement
10 Jul, 2024 In the matter of In the matter of Paridhi Finvest Private Limited vs. Value Infracon Buyers Association & Ors. [Diary No(s). 14065-2024]   Dismissed
24 Jun, 2024 In the matter of The National Sewing Thread Company Limited vs. Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax & Ors. [W.P.(C) 8679-2024]   Others
28 May, 2024 In the matter of Bhanu Pratap Singh Vs Rakesh Jindal (liquidator) [Civil Appeal No. 6583/2024]   Others
17 May, 2024 In the matter of Mohammed Enterprises (tanzania) Ltd Vs Farooq Ali Khan [11599/2024]   Stay Order
14 May, 2024 In the matter of Securities And Exchange Board Of India Vs Rohit Sehgal & Ors. [Civil Appeal No(S). 5089-2019]   Others
14 May, 2024 In the matter of Ashok Kumar Sarawagi vs. Enforcement Directorate & Anr. [Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s).26459-2023]  
10 May, 2024 In the matter of T. S. Murali Vs Sarvesh Kashyap [Company Appeal No. 7466 of 2023]   Others
10 May, 2024 In the matter of Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal Vs Stakeholders Consultation Committee Of Punjab Basmati Rice [Civil Appeal No. 5655 of 2024]   Others

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