Orders Date Subject Orders Remarks
12 Jun, 2024 Anil Goel Vs. IBBI & Anr. [W.P.(C) 8612/2024 & C.M.APPL. 35288/2024 (stay), 35289/2024 (exemption)]   Others
07 Jun, 2024 In the matter of The National Sewing Thread Co. Ltd. vs. The Superintending Engineer & Ors. [W.P. No. 29845 of 2022 and WMP. No. 29233 of 2022]   Madras
06 Jun, 2024 ADV.(CA) V.Venkata Siva Kumar Vs. IBBI and Anr. [W.P.No.12409 of 2024 & WMP.No.13540 of 2024]   Madras
05 Jun, 2024 In the matter of Reliance Infratel Limited & Ors. vs. State of Meghalaya & Ors. [WP(C) No. 238 of 2023]   Meghalaya
01 Jun, 2024 In the matter of Suraksha Realty Limited & Anr Vs. Insolvency And Bankruptcy Board Of India & Anr. [W.P.(C) 8205/2024 & CM APPL. 33623-33624/2024]   Delhi
31 May, 2024 In the matter of Smbc Aviation Capital Limited Vs Union Of India [ W.P.(C) 7369/2023]   Writ
28 May, 2024 In the matter of Farooq Ali Khan vs. Bank of Baroda & Ors. [Writ Petition No. 6288 of 2024 (GM - RES)]   Karnataka
28 May, 2024 In the matter of RK Industries Unit II LLP Through Its Authorised Signatory Shri Jinay Batukbhai Patel vs. Union of India, [W.P.(C) 16612-2023]   New Delhi
27 May, 2024 In the matter of Dae (sy 22) 13 Ireland Designated Activity Company Vs Go Airlines (india) Ltd. [ CONT.CAS(C) 1767/2023]   Others | Writ
27 May, 2024 In the matter of Sundaresh Bhat vs. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, [W.P.(C) 14389-2022]   New Delhi

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