The IBBI, in its endeavour to create awareness about the insolvency and bankruptcy regime amongst the students of higher education, is promoting essay competitions through Institutes of Learning. The following students were successful in the essay competitions:

Sl. No. Period Institute of Learning Name of Winner Subject of Essay Runner-up Subject of Essay
1 February, 2018 IIM Rohtak Mr. Naveen Kumar Corporate Liquidation Mr. Parag Navani Corporate Liquidation
2 March, 2018 National Law Institute University, Bhopal Mr. Utsav Mitra Emerging Jurisprudence on Corporate Insolvency: Director Duties in the Twilight Zone Ms. Shefali Chawla The Frenzy of Private Settlement under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
3 April, 2018 Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad Mr. Kaivalya Shah Reforms by RBI for Resolution of Stressed Assets: An Overnight Chronicle? Ms. Namrata Dubey The New Conundrum: Guarantor in Insolvency Regime
4 June, 2018 Gujarat National Law University Nikhil Agarwal Emerging Jurisprudence on Corporate Insolvency Pratik Parashar Sarmah Emerging Jurisprudence on Corporate Insolvency
5 September, 2018 ICFAI Law School Mr. Girjesh Patidar Emerging Jurisprudence in Corporate Insolvency Ms. Tanya Kanwar Emerging Jurisprudence in Corporate Insolvency
6 July, 2019 National Law University, Delhi Mr. Debaranjan Goswami Understanding the Fate of Guarantees under the Insolvency Regime Mr. Shubham Jain and Mr. Vishvesh Vikram (Joint authors)

Need for Appellate Review of Resolution Professionals
7 August, 2020 National Law University, Delhi Mr. Shubham Jain The (Im) permissibility of Discrimination under the Insolvency Code Ms. Isha Gupta Pre- CIRP Payment of dues by Resolution Professionals
8 November, 2020 Gujarat National Law University Ms. Preksha Mehndiratta Envisioning the public as a stakeholder in the insolvency process of government companies. The Way Forward

Mr. Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat

Mr. Shivaang Kumar Maheshwari

“Mediation in Insolvency Matters: Bolstering The Achilles Heel”

“Scheme of Arrangement: A Second Chance at ‘Resolution’ for Indian companies in Liquidation”

9 March, 2021 Institute of Law, Nirma University Ms. Kumari Saloni Balance sheet-acknowledgment and ‘legal compulsion’ – Towards a principled approach

Ms. Malika Tiwari

Ms. Palak Jain

Resolution of ‘Too Big To Fail’ Financial Institutions: Resurrecting the FRDI Bill, 2017

10 April, 2021 National Law Institute University, Bhopal Ms. Aparajita Kaul Success, learning and innovation : IBC and its enduring role in the development of the Indian Credit Market

Mr. Urmil Bhavesh Shah

Attaining value maximization & credit

development for small business debtors

11 June, 2021 National Law University, Jodhpur Mr. Pragyansh Nigam and Mr. Rajat Sinha

Proposed Prepackaged Insolvency in India and the conundrum of connected parties in India

Mr. Aaryan Agarwal

Saving MSME in the COVID Era

12 June, 2021 Department of Management Studies, NIT, Silchar Ms. Liza Das Role of IBC in development of Credit Market in India

Mr. Lokesh Kumar Das

Role of IBC in development of Credit Market in India

The Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar in collaboration with the IBBI organized an all India Research Writing Competition on 'Legal Landscape of Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India - Journey since 2016'. The winners of the competition are:

Position. Name of Winner Institute Subject
First Mr. Subhadip Choudhuri Gujarat National Law University Should the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code be Shadowed by Limitation
Second Ms. Ayushi Singh National Law University, Jodhpur Investigation of Interpretative Growth of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Statutes: Settlements, Open-Ends and Lacunae
Third Mr. Rohan Kohli National Law India University, Bhopal The Impact and Relevance of Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 in the Wake of New Insolvency Law