Insolvency Professionals

Name of the IP Mr. Ramakishan Agarwal
Registration no IBBI/IPA-003/IPA-ICAI-N-00212/2018-2019/12364
Date of Registration 26-Feb-19
Member of IPA Insolvency Professional Agency of Institute of Cost Accountants of India
Member of IPE AAA Insolvency Professionals LLP
Member of IPA Since 17-Jan-19
Email id ramakishan[at]aaainsolvency[dot]com
Address F-155, Time Square, ,Central Spine, ,Vidhyadhar Nagar, ,Jaipur,Rajasthan ,302039
Directors/Partners of IPE
Have Valid AFA Yes
AFA Certificate No. AA3/12364/02/181223/300835
AFA Valid Upto 18-Dec-23
Total CPE Earned 59
Total Assignments 1